Welcome to my DSN-12 tutorial series. With this series, I hope to help those new to synthesis learn what's going on in the Korg DSN-12 3DS application, as well as show some techniques I have learned from others over the years. My guide is based somewhat on the works of other tutorials, but I will only be focusing on the DSN environment.

DSN is based off of the Korg MS-20 synthesizer, much like the Korg DS-20. DSN offers 12 different tracks, a note sequencer, and kaoss pad sequencer, as well as keyboard and kaoss pad real time inputs that can be recorded. It's as if you are using 12 synths at once, on a 3DS!

This post will be updated with links to all chapters of my tutorial as they become available. Stay tuned!


  1. This is a link to a brief description of the DSN-12 system and how all the different parts interact. If figure I will drop it here since it's going to be difficult to do so on Miiverse.

  2. I recently bought DNS-12, and was at loss on how to start. Thankfully i came across your page. Keep up the good work!

  3. these are all really informative! do you plan on doing a section detailing the sequencer at some point?

  4. Is there any chance that you will continue to work on this tutorial?

  5. Awesome write up! Hope to see more :')

  6. two questions for what I did'nt see a response: Is midi wireable and is 3ds xl compatible?

    1. in response to your second question... yes. i have this on my 3ds xl